A cup of Jeau ft. LuvableMeme


Hello my lovelies! Today is a very happy day for me because I had the awesome opportunity to interview one of my very favorite creators on IMVU, Luvablememe! Her name is MeMe and she is 21 in June and she lives in Florida. She loves watching Anime shows like Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Goul and so much more! She also loves music of all kinds and of course fashion! Now that you know the basics, lets get into the interview portion!

So tell me how and when you started designing on IMVU.

I started so long ago in 2007. I realized there wasn’t much I liked in the catalog and I already knew how to use Photoshop from making banners for forums. So I just started trying in 2007 and of course back then it looked so terrible but for that time it was decent. My first products did really well it surprised me how fast people caught onto them and I just kept on going.

What’s your favorite part about being a designer on IMVU?

My favourite part would be just bringing creations to life, I like seeing the outcome of work I put in and always pushing myself to bring something that I haven’t seen before. Its one of my biggest creative outlets

How would you describe your sense of style in your catalog?

It’s a mix of something for everyone, I have things more that are more risky or edgy and some that are very casual or sophisticated but I make sure its all in good taste and quality.

That’s true. Your designs have very good quality. How long does it take to make these outfits?

It use to take me quite some time in the past, but now I could make an outfit in maybe 3 hours if I have no distractions. Jeans from scratch would take about 3 hours in itself though.

Wow, that’s such a long time. What are your inspirations?

Some designers like Dora Abodi, Fausto Puglisi, and Frankie Morello are designers I am a fan of everything they produce because they have great style. I’m always watching Rihanna of course; she wears amazing things and looks amazing too.

Have you had any fashion shows? Or will you have an fashion shows in the future?

I had one show a long time ago but it was for some male stuff but I may have one in the future. MissC and I may do another collaboration for a Fall line. Maybe we will have a fashion show for that one, everything is just being discussed now though

I am absolutely going to look forward to it. So do you have any other future plans for yourself on IMVU and on your catalog?

I’m hoping to back in the position I use to be in, but the demands have changed a lot from what it use to be, there’s different type of customers now so I have to adjust if I care to make any top sales so that is all I’ll be trying to achieve without losing any authenticity with my catalog.

Lastly, who are your favorite designers on IMVU?

I don’t shop a lot outside of skins and shoes, but I like MissC, Thegangstamuffin, Ales, and Demure skins. I haven’t bought a lot of clothes from other designers but I think Dashing or Irrelevant are good creators from what I have seen. Also Swerve is really good, but I don’t own a male avatar.

Speaking with Meme was awesome! I love her catalog, A LOT. I decided to showcase a little bit of some of her recent items and you all should totally shop LuvableMeme. I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview, because I loved having to chat with her! I don’t think I can express my excitement enough in words so I decided to make some outfits from her catalog because I believe each piece is absolutely relatable and up to date on the trends of today and I really don’t think anyone will be disappointed with her catalog.

hiResNoBg4 copy copy

hiResNoBg1 copy



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