B.T.B.R | Calling All Single Ladies

All my single ladies, ever been hit with them “Why are you still single?” question? Because I know I have, only 9 times these three days alone, its not like any of them are doing anything about but, no. The ones who ask are probably enjoying their non-single lives, and that is perfectly okay by me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. It’s may or may not be your fault but again nothing wrong with it, being single allows you to experience your wild side a little more and be more flirtatious obviously. You get to meet a whole new set of different people again to really see who you can connect with, and that’s awesome. It’s also a better chance at knowing yourself a little better than before and figuring out what went right or what went wrong in your last relationship or on your part of your last relationship, and fixing it.

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Dear Single Ladies,

Being single does not mean that there is no more possibilities of a relationship or dating for you, it does not mean that something is horrifically wrong with you. All it means is that, you are not in a relationship. Secondly, if you are hit with that “Hey, why so single?” question, you do not owe any one an explanation of why you are single. I think its not nice to ask someone that question, especially on IMVU when you can clearly see my profile and it says “single” so there is no need to ask. I mean think about it, if you walk up to a couple and ask “Hey why are you two in a relationship?” they might looks at themselves before giving you a corny cheeky answer of how they met and fell in love. So, its no better to ask why someone is single.

If anyone asks me why I am single I would say, “Its because I am to fabulous and fierce to handle.” Haha! This should probably prove to be a challenge and if it’s a guy, they’d want to take the challenge.

Over all, it is up to you to answer that question, I chose to have fun with the question, ergo my answer. Some people may flat out not like it and I respect that and also agree with you. You do not have to answer that question, you don’t need to make up an explanation of your past relationships or an excuse. If you are single, enjoy it. Use your singleness to find out what you really want in your next partner and to do things you haven’t done in a while. Be adventurous! Carpe Diem, because there are little things you will miss from being single once you find another person. 



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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