For quite some time now, I have been going through some… mental transformations… if you will, and then a few months back I decided to put “WOKE” as my status on IMVU, it has been there for a really long time and this morning, I had a very intriguing individual used username is Ancient (I contemplated keeping him anonymous but if he’s brave enough to slide into my inbox, he can make it) on IMVU and told me “Pls you ain’t woke”

Now at first, I was thinking, ‘Who does this person think he is to tell me what I am and what I am not?’ then it donned on me, he definitely does not know me so I could not fault him on that. So I asked him why he thought that, and he said “I know you better than anyone else, now hurry up and block me you sensitive snowflake”

I was super intrigued now, I took a peek at his profile and everything, but I realized we weren’t even friends or anything and this was the first time I was taking to this fella.

He said he knew me because he can see my posts on my Instagram account (which I thought was the dumbest explanation/evidence of knowing something) and he said he even knows about my old username (so does everyone else who can enter my profile page, which is not private by the way). He also said, “I know your Nigerian ass likes to keep thing strictly on VU [IMVU].”

So then I realized the issue. He’s coming for me because I am a private person. Crazy right?! I know! The people who know me are few and it’s because they wanted to get to know me and I wanted to know them and thus a beautiful friendship was made.

My thoughts are simple and will definitely not be changing anytime soon, I LOVE my privacy. Why? because I have always been a private person that’s how I have grown up and it has never steered me wrong. I know when to let people into my life because honestly, I believe that for someone to have such an intimate access into your life, it is a privilege, not a right. This applies to virtual reality and reality itself.

Ancient said to me, “If you were truly ‘woke’, you would be able to see there is no difference between reality and virtual reality. As all the emotions on this plane we call life are boundless by any influential circumstances.”

To a very brief extent, I agree with him. In my line of work, in reality, I know that there are individuals who will never separate the two worlds and see them as equals… however that little part about  “As all the emotions on this plane we call life are boundless by any influential circumstances.” I was so lost.

I could not quite tell if he was upset that I don’t do a #BTA on Instagram or if he was just plain butt hurt about life in general.

Let me know what  you think? Are the two worlds (reality and virtual reality) one or are they separate? or does it depend on the individual… send your thoughts to me on Instagram or IMVU @Saje or post a comment below, I always read them and reply!

This is just a brief BTBR [Born To Be Real]. I have not done one in a while so I’ll definitely  be hopping not this train more often.


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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