• S • Love YOU N°02

 Jacket, GlassesPants, Top, Heels

Hi everyone, so I have been getting requests to link the items of products I use for the Saje Fits because it is hard to find sometimes in the catalog, so I am doing that from here on out! Let me know if it makes things easier for you to find these creators and outfits! That’s a side note. Now onto the Love YOU song list!

Keeping it simple today, I chose one song!

Patience (Freestyle) – Ray BLK

Guys, when I say I love Ray BLK, It’s not a joke… I love her. Her songs are just amazing and they tell stories, stories I can relate to… Patience is her latest freestyle, and it’s amazing! I love it… I’ve said that word a lot… I’m not stopping. I am taking snippets of the song, I love this whole song, everything about it, the beat, the rhythm, the lyrics (most especially), the artist, just everything is proper! Where ever you see “…” that means I’ve taken out some lines above or below this, just to limit how long this would’ve been because… it would’ve been the whole song! My favorite lines:

‘Cause everybody wants a portion
Of the Devil’s pie without caution
Don’t know its gonna cost a fortune
To sell your soul…

Ain’t rode the bus but trying to fly
They’re fading like we’re losing the sky
I’m fine waiting, for my payday

Baby don’t lose your pride ‘cause you’re deprived

That’s career suicide, to sign without your mind

Be on your grind, and take your time (uh-huh)
Pay no mind to the dollar sign
Don’t let the moolah make you blind

All that glitters isn’t gold

First, they love you then they don’t

Gave the world but you lost your soul
Now you’re losing your control
For some rocks and brand new clothes

Okay, okay, I pretty much put the whole song here, but I tried to limit it… I really did. These lines are so simple yet so deep because this is what is going on in our society today. Social media has made it possible for everyone to be someone, to be famous, to stand out… thank you, social media. At the same time, social media has allowed entry to a lot of other people too, people who are only good for you momentarily, people who give you temporary happiness and satisfaction. Money fades … fame fades… when all that is gone will you still be comfortable or at ease with who you’ve become and who the people around you are or who they’ve become as well?

Money is a great tool… if you’re not focusing on it 90% of the time. Focus on you, and what makes you happy (and do not say ‘Money makes me happy Mel!” because that’s some skurrry (scary) shit). Don’t lose your pride for some next shit that you know damn well you can do without but you’re not thinking with your head…



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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