Meet Deniz (Ereya) she’s been creating for five months, she used to use premade textures she brings out something awesome and very wearable.  Now she makes her own textures and started by watching tutorials, so she’s self-taught. With help from Nobody, the creator, she helped guide Deniz learn things that she did not know. Here are some other questions during out meeting together along with some advertisements in some of her items

Saje: How can you describe your style of fashion? and what does it mean to you?

Ereya: “To be honest, I don’t really have a ‘style’ it’s just a feeling. I like making things and sometimes I just get an idea like.. ‘Let me try to make this’. Today I will make something cute and tomorrow I will turn goth.

Saje: Who are your favorite creators on imvu and why do you like them?

Ereya: I have a lot of creators I like. My favorite hair creator is Java, her textures are the best and the blond colors of her are like.. damn. As for clothes, I like Amore, Deathcamp, MissC, and Caroline.


Saje: What are your hobbies? things you like to do outside of creating

Ereya: I like editing display pictures, I’m busy with graphic design in my free time. It’s funny cause I’m studying Accountancy, but still graphic art is the main thing I like. It started when I was 5, I always liked drawing

Saje: Hmm have you worked in a collaboration with other creators?

Ereya: Not really, but I might do a collaboration soon. I talked with a creator yesterday, she is not really into creating products in the shop but she offers her own made files in her group. She told me she wants to start creating again so I thought maybe we could do a collaboration together. Her textures are great and Sse will start soon again with putting new things in her shop.


Saje: What motivation or words of inspiration can you give to new creators?

Ereya: It’s difficult to start but when you start it’s totally worth it all. I did feel sad after losing my account but right now I feel proud. I made this account is September 2016 but got my pro label in like 2 months, I’m proud of myself. The main thing of creating is practice because I gave up like 20 times but I still kept at it.

Saje: What don’t you like about creating, though? Is there anything or things you feel needs improvement?

Ereya: I like creating in every way, but sometimes I don’t like the things I make. I deleted a lot of things after making. As an improvement, maybe more realistic looking texture. I should practice that more.

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Stay Blessed



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