LAVERE’s eyeshadows are killing it!

SOMEONE’s lip colors are slaying for eons

You can buy her quiana head and use these eyeshadows that she created to make these eye colors,  I bought it ALL!  I was contemplating post it all at once or one a day, but I figured posting it all at once makes more sense. I’m a big color red fan and I already got three outfits lined up for this makeup look! It’s just beautiful!


If you’re completely over valentine’s day…. this is for you haha. On the other hand, though I really like purple especially the color under the eyes by Lavere, it’s not too dark and it works with the lip colors by Someone! I wish she created more lip colors outside this range using this same like the texture because it is beyond gorgeous! I have it for almost all of my heads.


This is the last one! I call it bubblegum because… I mean it’s pretty obvious why. I like these two colors, though, they were the first ones I snatched and then I continued playing around with more colors and I liked them. If you’re one for something subtle…ish. This is for you!

I’m going to be making an outfit that works with these eye colors soon enough and get them out there before valentines day! So make sure that you BUY THE QUIANA HEAD from LAVERE’s because it works well with these eyeshadows and lips too!

Thanks for viewing!



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