It’s been a long time….

Let me give you a heads-up as to what’s going on with your girl Rosie!

Lex and I started a modeling competition, Lex (Blixen) is my sister on VU and we were chatting about it bare times, or at least, I was and then we put it into action. I’m super happy with the turnout, we started it officially today.

I’m also going to try to post outfits from my personal collection like I had stated before. Some of these are old but it works well with anything and everything! I also changed my avatar head! I must admit it is limited with its variations as compared to the last head I had but I love these brows! I can’t get enough of it!



Jacket is by Fiori

(Jacket does not include the top inside)

Skirt is by Irrelevant

Shoe is by Stussy

Stay True



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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