I don’t talk… ever about this subject but since I moved into a new environment for school, I’m hearing all these things about people’s different religion and around where I live now, some people are very …. cold hearted with other religions and aren’t afraid to show it. Then when I was sitting with a bunch of my friends we went into this conversation again and they had asked my opinion…

I had never really thought about this question because I thought religion was something that wasn’t really spoken about out loud and in the open because you ‘don’t want to hurt people’s feelings’. So this is why I am writing this…

Truth be told, if I were to categorize myself by ‘religions’ then I can say I’m a Christian. I was born and raised into it because my mom and pops members are christians. Then they said “you need to find God for yourself” so I went through a phase of not going to church or being a Christian, pretty much becoming an atheist, for the time being, testing out how I felt about it, then gradually I picked up a bible and so on so forth. Now I’m here.

Another truth, I don’t think most people who are in a religion are believers and I’m only speaking about Christianity because it’s all I’ve ever known so I cannot voice my opinion on other cultures and religions. Sometimes religion is a label, a word we use to make other people feel comfortable about our choices.

I realize saying “I’m a Christian” is a lot easier than telling someone “I believe in God.” Honestly, it is; and I made that decision of saying “I believe and have faith in God” rather than saying I’m a Christian because it makes me feel better. At first, it was uncomfortable but it was a good kind of uncomfortable… if you get me.

Long story short, I don’t care about another person’s religious label, I care about how you let it affect you. Are you subpar with your belief? or are you very into it? and are you serious about it? are you just a believer in your religion because you’re surrounded by believers of that same religion? if so, check yourself.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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