Everything moves quickly in college/university which is why I mentioned in the previous tip to stay ahead! If your professors are kind enough to send you the course outline and reading list, you best use it and stay hella ahead of your professors, try to be two weeks ahead so that when work piles up on you during the weeks you know you’ve already made notes on the readings earlier on and all you gotta do is re-read what you’ve written down and call-it a day. Make sure you re-read the day before.

What if it gets too much?

Do not panic, please, I beg of you, do not panic. Everything is in God’s time and His plan upon our lives. Stay on course as best as you can. If you start of great you won’t fall too far behind and if you do fall behind, meet your professors during office hours to catch up.


Sitting in the front of class, copying your friend’s notes without understanding or reading it, will not help you. Turn off your phone unless you are recording, do not text in class, put an “I’m busy” status on your phone when the class is on, only text if you must but just be in the moment of learning until you’re done. Remember it’s your money on the line, why would you play with it? 

EXTRA TIP: Disable your Wi-Fi when taking notes, I am currently trying this and it is so hard not to pree my Wi-Fi and try to turn it on… But when you forget it is on and you’re just listening to music and working you will realize you’ve done a lot more in that day!


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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