CLASSES: Know your classes and go to them! Always attend classes. Unless you have an actual legit, reasonable, valid reason to skip class that day GO TO IT. Think about it, you’re probably paying anywhere from $250-$850 for  class, ONE CLASS, and you’re skipping it? If you know the value of a dollar, you will glue your backside to that seat until the time is up for each class you attend. Staying in your class helps you learn more, some of us learn by what we hear and see in our classes, so if you know that’s how you learn, do not skip class. I don’t encourage skipping class even if you do not learn that way. Do not do it! also bring a recorder if you can, and if you don’t have one and you’re good at typing, bring your laptop.

EXTRA TIP: Sit at the front of the class. Do not follow your B.F.F and sit in the back seat so you can chat, bring him/her to the front and say “let’s sit here” I had my friend encourage me to sit at the front without me even realizing it, I started sitting there when she wasn’t around. When you’re at the front you can use your recorder and have it be heard clearly because sometimes your professors like to walk around the front of the class and if it’s a tight squeeze they won’t be moving around a lot. Again for those visual and auditory learners, the front is your bestie.

NOTES: This is your best friend, if you’re in nursing, notes are super helpful. Take notes, make short forms that you can understand and if you’re using new short forms make legends at the corner of your notes or your laptop so you know what those short forms stand for. If you can write fast, use a laptop, you can try to type fast, if that doesn’t work for you, bring a recorder.

What if I cannot take notes properly?

That’s okay, there are many videos on Youtube that can teach you how to take notes properly. Youtube is not only for movies, music,  makeup, hair and dance videos y’all. You can actually learn some helpful things from Youtube. Self-learning is possible.

PROFESSORS: Let me just say, they are PROFESSORS, not TEACHERS. Again, they are PROFESSORS and not what? TEACHERS. They do not have time to hold your hand like your teachers did in high school or elementary school, Nah fam. Professors have published papers, and some of them are going back to school for something else, they have more knowledge and have been in school longer than teachers,  So teaching students is rarely ever on the top of their list, once you’ve crossed that threshold of high school student to college/university student, your hand is no longer being held, you are officially an adult learner. Some professors may teach because you may not understand it fully without their further explanation or demonstration and because they want you to achieve a certain level of excellence that you may not achieve without their guidance.

So if teaching students are not on the top of their list how do we get what we need from our professors?

Ask questions! If your professor has written something scholarly and you’re using for an essay, go to them, ask them more questions, if it’s not a paper they’ve written but you still need something visit them during office hours or immediately after class before they leave. I’m always nervous to ask my questions during class so I ask it right after class, as far as I am concerned I paid for the class, I paid for the professor, I must get my money’s worth, ya dig? Also the more you come visit your teacher during office hours to ask questions the more they may realize that there is a confusion in class, depending on how many students come forward.

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