Super important! I cannot stress “Get ORGANIZED” enough! It’s important okay?! Okay. Get an agenda, I like the bando agenda’s they’re cute and colorful and it makes me happy to write in them with cute Muji pens. I like stationaries if you haven’t already figured that out. Make little notes on the day of the things you have to do and put little check boxes beside them and at the end of the day, you can checkmark what you have done and see what you haven’t done and if there is still time in that day you can finish your checklist if not, move it into the next day but get ‘er done! 

What to write in your agenda?

A lot of things! college-wise, it will be the chapters you must read before class. Exams, essays, testings, group work, actual work hours, dates, meetings, chores, checklists etc. It’s up to you.

Extra tip: Think about this every day: “Was I fruitful today? How can I be fruitful today?”

By fruitful I mean productive. I have been doing this the entire summer, probably the main cause as to why I’m not always online as much even if my IMVU is on. I want to make each day effective. It doesn’t always have to be based on school work, it can be cooking, going to exercise, going out with a friend, making use of your time and managing it well.


Since you’ve gotten an agenda, you can also use your calendar on your phone, laptop, and buy an actual sticky wall calendar that you can stare at if you need all that.

I encourage the use of sticky notes! Always!


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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