Hello all! So if you’re following me on Instagram (saxje.vu) you know that I was pregnant earlier  in the month of June into the first of August when I had my baby girl.

The experience on being pregnant on IMVU was a strange one, it wasn’t the easiest thing trying to find outfits and be creative while pregnant, and y’all know your girl likes to stay stuntin’ and looking lit af. So fashion-wise it was a step I had never taken before and it was an adventure.

Finding an OB was stress. let me explain why, it was too expensive first off, and most of the time the OB would be AWOL. So I got pissed and I started being AWOL as well. As in, fam, two can play that game. The appointment were always the same, the same routines which obviously got predictable.

Support. Personally speaking, I had support from my friends and former family when I gave birth to Lucy. It was more of a self-journey than anything else. My friends and former family did come for my baby shower which was kickass by the way.

Post Pregnancy. That’s probably my favorite part. Having Lucy, ditching the pregnancy clothing, nothing against it but… I miss the normal clothing more. I am super excited to have my baby girl Lucy finally. In the process, I was still taking charge to renovate the new house for me and my baby girl and I made it all nice and pretty for her!

Overall experience. All in all, it was quite the journey, will I want to do it again, probably not the same way it happened but I am happy that I have Lucy.

That’s it!

Melanie Rose


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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