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Hello, all! Yes, another story time. This didn’t occur in reality it mainly occurred on IMVU. Let the story begin.

For those on my IMVU Instagram page, you’ll see that I adopted two kids, one was Jackie and another Ariel. I could care less about hiding identities, I’m not giving out usernames just the names I was given by them.

I was having a good time with my new adoptees and this was before Lucy came into the picture. I am a busy person in reality and this is something they knew in the very beginning of our journey together. Whenever I was with them I spent time with them and I gave them my KIK to talk to.

Then over time my former family would start sending me messages about how I was ignoring Jackie and Ariel and only focusing on Lucy once she was born. Which struck me as odd because Lucy and I have an equal relationship as to my other girls if anything I wasn’t giving Lucy more attention.

Jackie would tell my former mother concerning this issue and she never thought to tell me, she would tell anyone other than me and her best friend Cassi began sending me messages concerning this situation as well. I had handled it the first time and I suppose it wasn’t enough for her.

Eventually, Ariel told me the same thing, that she felt ignored. I sent a nice long worded message about my life, what I do, why I am so busy, and told them all I still loved them no matter how busy I get. Lucy seemed to be the only one who understood my message.

I say this because about a few days later Jackie and Ariel send me messages on KIK separately saying that they are leaving the family due to not getting enough attention. Fine. I was fine with it because Lucy understood where I was coming from. 

Now Ariel left, I’m sure she’s going to find a well deserving family. When she left, my family DiabloVx, sent me a private message on KIK calling it quits and leaving me, saying they are “downsizing”. I didn’t buy it for a split second but I said “Okay.” They were saying “No hard feelings, we can still be friends, blah bla-bla-blah blah” I said “Okay”.

The following day guess what I find out? Jackie had changed her username to match her bestie Cassi, so it went from Allarori to Cristilyn. Guess what family she joins? My former family, they had swapped me for my former daughter. 

When I realized this, I couldn’t help but laugh. Why not be straightforward with me? Why stoop this low? Why lie? Did it do you any good? “Downsizing?” My ass. 

Betrayal… what is it exactly “to be unfaithful in guarding, maintaining, or fulfilling: to betray a trust.” I definitely feel betrayed. Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother, haha but it’s me. It’s what I do. I give second chances, hell I give third and fourth and expect people not change but a majority of the time, its the same bullshit with different DNA. 

Now it’s my baby Lucy and I! Let’s see how this goes!

That’s my vent.

Melanie Rose


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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