In continuation of my last, “Le Parle”. I discussed the pros and cons of the wishlist on IMVU. Now I would like to share how I tackled my little hoarding wishlist habit. Haha.

For those who are like me, I’m sure you know how annoyingly painful it might feel to click that “Delete All Items” in your wishlist icon because in my head I am always thinking “I might need this, I might need that. I might not find this and I might not find that.” All these things go through my head.

However, it is best to delete everything especially if I have accumulated all these items and I know for a fact I don’t need it. That way you get a fresh start…. to hoard again haha. Kidding. Maybe not.

Let me know your helpful tips when it comes to dealing with Wishlist things.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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