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Hi my beautiful souls, today I want to vent about my experience during July. I did a lot of things and I want to talk about all my experiences because I just had it bottled up inside with my own opinions.

Now here is the story:

So I went to an event where I lived… let me rewind. My friend, let’s call her Tess had been raving about a weekend event that she wanted me to attend… it is in a different city from where I lived so I was not keen on the idea of spending so much money to make this trip and join the event and all that. I told her I did not have a place to stay and she responded by telling me that she will sort it out.  So I agreed to her suggestion of staying with her friend from Friday to Sunday and returning the following day… now before the event, I had been having all sorts of signs not to go, all signs that my stupid behind ignored blatantly. Then at a point, I declined to come for the trip again. I racked up a good fee for transferring money and cancelling money to Tess because I don’t have a credit card so I can’t buy the tickets but she did and she could. Anyway, she begged then I agreed again. Silly me.

On the main day, she tells me that her friend would like me to stay on Friday, leave on Saturday, then come back on Sunday. Then I said I wasn’t going to come on Friday and I would just meet her on Saturday at the main event and then we will go from there.

On Saturday, I got dressed, got on the bus for a good two hours and 30 minutes, then I walked for like 15 minutes to the venue. I finally get there, get in line, give them my tickets and get into the venue. I was texting Tess to come and meet me or find me since there were lots of people there and she was a no show. Tess texted me back saying I should come and meet her…. I was midway, she could’ve made it back to me but she chose not to.

So I wasted money on a trip that I did not end up fully enjoying. I looked beat to the gawwwwdddddsss! I still did not enjoy myself. I got pissed. This is not the first time she has flaked but I am too kind, too forgiving, too generous, it all gets taken for granted.

I left and came home two hours later. Deleted her off every social platform. I heard this from a divorce court judge, “20 is for firing men when they don’t act right…20 is not a time for compromise, 20 is an opportunity to move upward and forward, for passion, knowledge and enjoyment and not continuous compromise”. I think that line applies to everyday people in my life. Since I will be 20 very soon, I’m what this woman said very seriously.

MORAL: Listen to the signs. Let go. Let God.

Seriously, I should’ve listened to the signs!

More stories coming soon, stay tuned.


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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