It is really late right now, I was about to log out and I was just flicking through Instagram and I noticed this fur stole, at first I thought it was for second life players so I gave it no mind, but then I’m like, Hol’up, that mesh head tho… those houndstooth capri pants though, that’s from IMVU! For those wondering, if you check out Fiori, you can find those houndstooth bottoms. I’m feeling inspired by them too. Between Fiori and MissC you can pretty much find the majority of the clothing worn in the picture. 


The image above was created by MeshGOD.

MeshGOD has created these fur stoles, called “Hold My Fur” and they work perfectly with Store15 Avatars (please don’t go using some random avatar that was not recommended and then ask for a refund because you were told). So obviously I did my research and of course, the creators on IMVU don’t always fail me and this is one of those times because I was able to find THREE other creators who already snatched that fur and made different designs with it. These three creators are by EricaSymphonyNoir & Niravam! Here we go:


These are Erica’s products, now she did not only design the one that falls to the floor but she also designed the ones you can hold on your arm. I like the colors, they are pretty simple and neat and cute. I’m definitely adding it to my buying list.


Now we got SymphonyNoir, slaying! BRRRRUUUHHH! When I say I love the wine and brown colored fur, I’m not even lying. I feel like I am in fashion heaven. If not for the fact that I have to use my credits for something else, fam, it would be mine! I love each and every one of them because the colors are pretty rich and you can rock it in a clean, chic, bossy kind of outfit, also a street chic look will work too!


NIRAVAM, you are destroying me! I. Cannot. Begin. To. Explain. My. Love. For. These. Fur. Stoles! I love it, and what I love is that it comes in the same color prints as the coats that were previously made, so you can do a little mix-match with your friends and what-not, depending on your creativity level! Yaaas fam! You tried that!

P.S Y’all noticed I didn’t use my usual background and such, that is because it is LAAAAYYYYYYYT-UH! Hella late, well 2:03AM right now, so pardon my roughwork. Also the bodysuits you see here are from Parakiss in all the colors you see here as well.

Stay fearless!



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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