• S • F I O R I

It’s ya girl Mel! Back at it again with them coats… or in this case blazer-like-jackets! These blazers are made by Fiori, and they didn’t make one no y’all, they made TWELVE in fablulous dark and vibrant colors! Immediately I found out, I felt some inspiration come into my life. Now I could make twelve outfits outta these jackets no doubt; but, ya girl is running low on time today and since I gotta work, I’m decided to use the colors that inspired me more and created two outfits out of them!

These are the dark colors:


Now, F.Y.I, if you are all unaware Fiori is not just one soul, it is actually TWO beautiful souls that came together to work on amazing creations such as these jackets. Credit belong to deux souls. In the dark colors my favorites, which y’all should aLready know are the wine, navy and olive colors! Which are great fall/winter colors! Also, if you look through my blog, I got outfits on outfits using these kind of colors, they just work so damn well you know?!

The look I did is a very take charge kind of look! You ain’t messing with me kinda thing you know.


Yass Hunty! Slay! I also want to show you another accesory I added, which I liked because it made this whole outfit pretty edgy. The face accesory was pretty risque of me, but I like it. I really do. Let me know what you think, I know more is less but sometimes… you gotta SPLURGE!


Now for the light colors! I love these colors because they are so in, especially this SUMMAH, it is hella hot in Canada right now and these colors are giving me life, I really wanted to work with each of them but sometimes IMVU does not give you enough items to really slay the way you want to.


I chose the nude color I would’ve done something with the orange one though… I just got inspired, hopefully it does not wear off my the time I come back from work tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Anyway, I went for a very chic, going to work look. Sort of a modern “Devil Wears Prada” you know, the secretary for the evil boss… Anne Hathaway, yeah the one she plays.


I’m still in love with this whole outfit… bruh I need credits!!!!

*Takes a deep breath in*

Well this is my take on FIORI’s new coats… blazer-like-jacket product.

Make you own outfits with the jacket, I would totally like to see what you all make of it!

Like the article and comment on your take!

Stay sweet and fiesty!



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