The first time I saw this was on Instagram on Kartierre, I fell in love. I wanted one. I bought three… or four… haha. Now I see these jackets on everyone! Everywhere! Just like mesh heads, these fur coats are taking over! It’s pretty cool. Many creators delved right in to create their own versions, the coats come in long and short. my personal favorite is the pink and blue patterned fur coat because I made a bangin’ outfit out of it.

hiResNoBg5 copy copy

These coats are not only being made my Niravam, it’s also been made by Fiori, Gossip, Izis, Foh, Stir, Bamzi, Wynter, LaParis and many more creators if you can find them. These are the ones I was able to find.


I mixed it with the denim fit. I love this outfit, I can wear it with or without the coat, it’s gorgeous!


This is my favorite! You should get your fur set too!


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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