I absolutely adore this Rihanna green lip color! it’s gorgeous! I adore it… I adore it. If you’re feeling like being a bad ass, feel free to use this! This skin can be used to slay in high fashion outfits and perhaps Avante Garde!


Now if you want to go for a darker set tone, this is definitely what to choose from EyeCandiFem. This is one of the latest skins that are darker. I love the red lips, its plump, bold, and beautiful! It’s very lovely and cute. You can rock this skin with some bold solid clothing colors like a royal blue, deep purple, those kind of colors.


Oh my lord, I can’t pull off this skin  but DarkMoth did it justice, I absolutely love it. It fits her kind of head choice, along with this blonde hair! I like this kind of platinum blonde color. It looks very pretty. I believe it came from Mrskitty.


This skin is nice and plain, I like skins with nice eyeliner that comes with it, it saves me credits haha.  I also like the lip color and you can accentuate this lip color by putting another layer of pink on it if you choose.

So be sure to check out EyeCandiFem!

I love it and I know you will too! 



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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