Hello lovelies. I have not forgotten my blog! I haven’t I promise.

So lately, I’ve been getting invested in events, trying to “come of my shell”
a little more and meet all these lovely souls on IMVU. I am definitely trying.

So here is a list of things that I’ve done thus far…

I joined VerveX Magazine:

I joined as a co-fashion manager or… assistant… not sure what to call it but I made the outfits in the fashion section for spring… you will be able to tell its my edits because how simple it looks lol. Now me and my partner, Bee,or is it my partner and I?… anyway, we are working on some new stuff for the upcoming magazine so stay tuned!

I hired models:

I mentioned this before, you will be seeing more of their work on my blog with some of my guidance through out the spring season! I am excited and I hope you are too!.

I’m single and hella ready to meet lovely souls:

Hell yeah! I don’t always discuss my single life but now I am. I’ve been single for a while, there have been some souls that I thought I’d have interest in but obviously for various reasons it did not work. However now I’m really going to dive in there, be open minded but not gullible and hopefully I find a sustainable, spontaneous, interesting soul who I can mingle with despite our likes and differences.

I made an Instagram account:

YES! It’s been a long time coming haha… I was not too intrigued with the idea of making an Instagram account in the beginning, but I got tired of working with the layout I found to do IG photos. I just decided to make one, perhaps in this process of having an IG for my IMVU Avatar, I can meet more people and widen my horizons! This way I have more to bring to the blog! My Instagram account is xsaje.vu

Well, that’s all there is right now folks… be expecting some fashion/beauty posts for the blog real soon.  

I did not forget. 

P.S I made a new blog stamp!

Hope you like it!



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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