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Sigh… lately I’ve been having been having a problem with texting or texting with other people.

I am not the type of person to not text someone back. I will text you back and if I don’t then it can be for two reasons; I forgot about it/you, or I am ignoring you. I’m so serious it is one of the two.

Anyway is it that some girls or guys ask for your phone number after having a cool conversation with you in the moment and then when you give the digits and you exchange numbers and you text, you rarely hear from the person… what is that? Why is that?

Now I get it if it is a guy meeting a girl one time, they fool around and he or she feels like they need to exchange details so it’s not “weird” but it’s already weird. What’s the point if you know you will never be friends with this person in your world? Don’t force what is only meant to be in the moment and try to make it last forever. That’s nonsense.

However if it is friends or someone you think you can be friends with and they keep not ignoring your texts but you know that they are online and on the chat especially on chats like WhatsApp… it makes it difficult for someone not to see you. LOL. Sometimes i get so paranoid, I’m like  “I know you’re online!!! Answer my damn texts!!!!” LOL but obviously I can’t text that.

Then the person replies after what feels like 3 years and then I start contemplating if I should reply now or just see it and not reply until what feels like 10 years for that person LOL. I can be so petty though… no lie.

Long story short…don’t be a late texter… that is annoying! Be prompt. If you see the text, reply or say you’re busy. It is not hard, the person will understand. We will not question you for being busy and if we do ignore the person.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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