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So, stemming from the latest experience of my social life… I had to ask my a few things from that. I asked myself if my dressing too revealing that night? My answer NO. First off, I would never wear something crazy revealing on any date… I would not comfortable. Secondly, I wore a sweater and jeans… it was cold, even in the theatre, so there was no freaking way. Then I asked myself maybe it was how I talked to him or behaved… but I wasn’t being touchy with him or too forward, I did not laugh at all his jokes. I cracked a few smiles and laughed here and there when it was funny and if I didn’t understand anything I told him bluntly, “I don’t get it”. I think what I should not have done is kiss him to begin with because it just unleashed all these irritating things that happened.

This is me checking myself to see if I was the one who may have fucked up. Yes, kissing him was probably not the best thing to do at that time, especially if I had known how it would play out after.

Sometimes I get so used to blaming other people that I do not factor in that I could have been at fault… and it is always good to check yourself and reflect on things that happened and be honest while doing it because if you’re not honest, it will repeat itself in a future event until you are forced to acknowledge that it is your fault that something happened. I know a lot of us ladies are always blaming others, but look at yourself first. “Check yo’self”. When you check yourself, you can detect new things you did not know about yourself… especially me finding out that I love to break the ice and meet new people… it’s in my blood and bones. I’m comfortable with being social but not too social that it because irritable. I get irritated very easily and I’m usually irritated by the things that I do more than the things other people do. Also when you check yourself, you’re able to prevent yourself from doing that thing that you don’t like or do not want to do and it does not have to be something that you constantly remind yourself of, it can be something that is a quick fix, it depends.

All in all, sometimes boys are to blame, but also ladies, we’re not saints either.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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