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Lately I’ve been pretty outgoing, I think it is because of the lovely spring weather, I no longer stay indoors. I’ve met some new people and sometimes you meet people who are very interested in you. I met these same people with my sister. We all met at the same time. My sister is sort of open all the time about her relationships with other people and me I’m not. I find it less stressful to not discuss my personal life. For some unknown reason that makes me very interesting to these people, to the point where they feel like they must know everything about me, from who I am dating or have dated, kissed, my friends, what I like, or hate… everything really.

When it comes to relationships you do not have to know… when it comes to family, you definitely do not have to know. Also, the mere fact that they want to know makes me want to withhold information more and not talk about it to them at all. I like it. I can keep my life secret for a long time and no one will ever know until I let you know. I don’t believe in discussing everything about myself, even to my best friends…. Tah! [it’s a Nigerian thing], That’s not me. I don’t do it… because walls have fucking ears and you never know how your information can be put on blast in 2.5 seconds if shit goes south in your friendship. I have seen it happen to many strangers and friends and it is honestly not the best feeling. It is so embarrassing for them and it is embarrassing to watch.

So if you think you are developing a friendship with a nosey person just dial it down ten notches and chill. Re-evaluate the reasons why you want to be friends with this person or why the person wants to be your friend because most of the time, they find you refreshing, you may be a ‘unicorn’ compared to the shit they have done or are currently doing and they want to taint you and make you look no better than them that way you can all be in the same boat and that is so poisonous. If that is what you feel is going to happen, at least 99% of the time, you’re right about that feeling and you should put some distance between you and this ‘friend’ for a while to just test the waters, see if they reach out and are concerned or are still being nosey gossips.

But hey, that’s just my Saje advice!


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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