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Now moving on… after the little date that went TUR-RIBBLE! He started messaging me, we talked… I was civil to say the least. I didn’t want to be a mega bitch because I honestly do not know how to be one. My sister always says to me I’m too nice. That if I was to get hurt, I would be the one apologizing… which is not true! I think…

Anyway, he said he wanted to chill again. NetFlix and Chill y’all. I agreed to it. I came over. This is why… I prefer going over to other people’s homes than for them to come to my home… I only let a selected few come to my house. I have tons of friends but only 9 of them have actually been able to say that they’ve been to my house and can describe my living room because I don’t let them go anywhere other than the living room and the basement but my bestfriends have free reign ahaha… they don’t care if I say no.

Moving on… I decided to go. I went to his house place where he stays with his roommates. We went to his room because there is no TV in the main area. I put on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air… amazing show.

This guy didn’t waste time… he’s already making moves. I got pissed. I mean this is me giving you a second chance and you’re fucking up. I said no. I don’t want to “Netflix and Chill”. I was not into that nonsense…

I came home and a few days later, I start hearing things from my sister who knows his friend that lives in that house because apparently me and X had sex, and apparently I enjoyed it and apparently I cannot get myself off him… ALLEGEDLY!

When I was hearing all this, my sister looked at me and I looked at her and in sync we just laughed. We balled out eyes out.

Why do boys just love making stories up when things don’t go their way? I say boys not men because men would not do something so stupid. When nothing happened you want to form a story and hype yourself up… be rest assured that he is about to look like a fool if I see him a second time. I can guarantee it.

Anyway, that’s one of my social stories… I’ll be back with another BTBR Session. I got inspired by this experience in my life and I think it’s something I would very much love to discuss.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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