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Good morning beautiful ladies! So lately, I’ve been busy but my social life as been blossoming a lot lately. I will discuss that later because I feel like that can  make for a good BTBR. Anyway let me tell you a story…

While I was becoming more of a social butterfly, I met different people. I met a guy at a party, let’s call him X. I didn’t get to talk to him long but for the little time we talked I liked our conversation and I’m sure he did too if not he would not have asked for my number. I gave him my number nonetheless. I didn’t think much of it, if he wants to call he can, if he does not my life will move on regardless.

He did call the very next day but I was working so I decided to just text him. We texted for a bit, he said he wanted to take me out and I suggested going to watch a movie. At the time Race was the movie that came out that I had not watched yet and I really wanted to see it so I was gong-ho for that. He agreed.

I came to the theatre but he was 30 minutes late, I was just walking around or sitting somewhere for 30 minutes. Mind you, I don’t like lateness… if I say I am going to be somewhere at a certain time, trust that I will be there when I said I would unless my plans change and my plans change frequently so when I manage to come somewhere at the time that YOU chose, I expect you to be there before me even.

I finally see him, we sat down and talked to each other a bit more because the movie was not going to start for another hour or so. I got to know about him and his family, a bit about his childhood, it was fun really. He seemed like an all round good guy. We went into the theatre, he got me popcorn and a drink and got himself some too.

At the movies, we kissed, it was nice, I won’t lie; however, he get very hand-sy after the kiss, as if me kissing him gave him a free pass to touch me where ever, as if I was  one of the rides at Canada’s wonderland and he can just hop on ’cause he’s next in line. As in he’s just trying to touch me in places a lady would not want to be touched on a fucking first date! In my mind i’m singing Dej Loaf’s “Ooh Ooh Yah Yah Bitch back up off me!” But in the physical I’m trying to be nice and say I don’t want this. He would stop for a little and then go right back at it. It got to a point where I simply said “can we just watch the movie…” because I felt so uncomfortable. It got so bad that for me I was not even interested in the movie anymore, I was more interested leaving and figuring out what to make for dinner for my siblings and my mother the next day. When the movie ended, I was ready to leave, he just sat there… I figured he wanted to really make out so I stood up and left to show him that I do not play that shit.

I went home in shock as to how this night played out but I was more in shock of how much strength it took to not lash out at this guy. I was trying to be “lady-like” and the thought of trying to act this way made me more annoyed because I do not believe in that crap. I believe in being who I want to be and doing what I want whenever I want. Therefore, you can understand my dilemma when I say I couldn’t even yell at the guy…. the best thing I did was standing up and leaving when the movie was over because only GOD knows what else would have happened.

Stay tuned for part TWO!


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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