Good day lovelies! I had a sit down with Kartierre and interviewed her on her catalogue and her thoughts and views on her creations and other things. She’s super sweet and lovely, and I like the Melange & Fleur collection so I used made a few outfits. Okay so here it is:
hiResSnapshot1 copy
What let you to start creating on IMVU?
I create on here to showcase my personal style and IMVU gives me the flexibility to really max out my imagination. I love sharing my eye for fashion and introducing something different to the IMVU community.
When did you start creating?
I first attempted creating a few years back, but epically failed, haha. Since my return to IMVU last year, I continued to practice heaps and that’s what got me to my current level. I can’t wait to continue improving on this together with my best friends at Melange.
Speaking about Melange, what made you come up with that name? What inspired you?
Melange is the term for ‘mixture’ in French. Since it was established by a group of close friends, we envisioned to introduce a ‘mixture’ of all of our personal and unique styles into our collections, while embracing individuality.
What kind of personal style is included in Melange?
Bold prints, colors, classy attire, and a slightly abstract and organic vibe.
Are there any other collections that you’ve created or you’ve been a part of?
None as yet
What is the best part about creating?
You never know what to expect. That’s the thrill of it. You get the opportunity to play around with designs and make things that may not be possible in real life. It also feels so good and accomplished when you’ve finally finished a product and see others slay it.
Have you had any fashion shows for your products? if not do you plan on having one in the future?
No fashion shows as yet, but we are planning on holding one soon!
Awesome! Any insider scoop on what the fashion show could be based on? like a theme?
Expect something different from us. Along with our collections, we want to combine fashion with global awareness. There are so many more diverse cultures that should be represented on IMVU, but there are also important global issues that we should be so much more aware of. We plan to bring this to Melange. That’s all I can say.
That sounds pretty amazing, I can’t wait to see it in motion!
 Yass, look forward to it!
That’s all everyone! Thank you for reading and you should check out Kartierre’s catalog! She’s got more amazing items and I will be using those items in future Saje Fits! 

Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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