btbr copyAlright, so I have been seeing these on youtube and other social media networks and I decided why not do one for IMVU! All these things are all in my opinion only so if you get offended, c’est la vie! This is the LEAVE IT IN 2015 IMVU RELATED VERSION!


Baby Talk: I do not like that stuff, and it is way overdue to end, I mean you are roleplaying a child but I don’t think parents what to decode every single word or letter their child is saying.

Child-gold-digger: Children who are with families simply for the credits, need to stop. Just buy your own shit and if you cannot do that, don’t think some other person will do it for you if you are not willing to act right.

Family hoppers: this is obviously the big one. many people hop for many reasons, but please kids, take the time to plan out what you want in a family before you actually join one.


Gold teeth: why was that ever a thing in the first place?

Big chains: Needs to go, keep it simple, fresh, classic.

No shirts: wear a shirt, it is not hot, you are not on a beach, and no your abs are not the shit.

The DUMB NIGGA STANCE: most guys have avatars like this, their avatars look ridiculous and you will know a dumb nigga stance when you see one. Either the avatar makes you stand like a caveman or the avatar has the hand at the back of the head with the eyes squinted and the lips making a sad face… yuck. Change it.

Excess Tattoo: its too much, on your arms, your back hell your abs why?

Bandana: just no.

The use of full sentences needs to be instigated in the year 2016: Nuff said


Unnecessary relationship drama: This is mainly something I’ve noticed with most ladies, I know. They worry over their relationships far too much with out actually enjoying it…. why? And then if their man is talking to their ex it’s a whole other issue. I mean I get it sometimes the ex’s are out got your man so you have to put the situation back in order, but come on… does it always have to result in a fight? Anyway for me, if my boyfriend wants to go back to his ex, then good ridden to bad rubbish. You both broke up for a reason in the first place, you might break up for the same reason again.

Gullible Mums: I know a lot of people wanna be parents on IMVU but don’t be stupid, don’t take a kid simply because she/he looks absolutely adorable and you want the child to be yours, for all you know they could be credit-diggers, ready to help you decrease your mula. Which brings me to my next one.

Wanting Ladies: These are the kind of ladies who want something simply because someone else has it. This usually happens with the children, you adopt a child simply because one of your friends is starting a family, so you think that it is the perfect opportunity to start

Excessive Accessories: Needs to stop, it irks me when ladies wear ten gold shimmering chains, making you look absolutely ridiculous.

Excessive Make-up: keep it real ladies, ask your self, will you go out like that in reality? No.

Tattoos: believe it or not, some ladies have tattoos on their faces… why?

These are all I can cook up and all that is needed. It is 2016! I’m so happy. Please leave all these wacky things in 2015 I beg of you.





Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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