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Well, I don’t know about you, but my christmas plans seem to be coming late because guess who is going to be working on christmas eve and christmas day? This gal! Haha. So my christmas might have to come on the new year or the very end of December. It sucks.

WHAT’s in my wishlist?

I’ve got a bunch of stuff! However its usually stuff I need or stuff I’ve run out of… I’m pretty low maintenance because I get those things ahead of time and then I have nothing on my wishlist haha. However!

My wishlist consists of the following:

Sweatpants, Getting my hair done (it’s coming to past soon, YAS for havana twists crotchet!), scarfs, Shopping at blue notes, Christmas dinner (will come late), and other things I can’t remember but I have it in my list when I find it.


I would like to start a family… again. The last time I did this was two years ago. Gosh, so long. Anyway, I think it’s a good time to try and start a family, but I AM SOOO going to start SLOW! So slow, you don’t even know! Hahaha.

Also I want to keep up with my postings in 201 6, I highly doubt it will work BUT I must be positive.

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FINISH NURSING SCHOOL! Yas! So close to the finish line I can taste it.

Then go back to nursing school to get an upgrade and do the profession I really do want to do.

Okay, this is a cliche one…. I want to WORK OUT MORE haha don’t judge me lol! I mean I take 10,000 steps everyday or more, but I think working out will be a real possibility next year… don’t know when but I can see it happening. My fear for this is that I currently don’t eat a lot and it’s because I don’t work out often haha, but then when I do start working out, i’ll get hella hungry. I don’t want to eat like a mad person, so it’s like a challenge within a challenge. I have to manage my eating habits and also maintain a healthy workout regimen…. this oughta be fun.

Lastly my MAIN WISH for 2016 is to be satisfied as much as possible and to do what is in MY BEST INTEREST. I’ll discuss my decision on this later on. 





Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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