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Good morning darlings! I know you saw this coming! 

This is my last christmas in the ‘teens’ because as of next year I will be 20 years young! It’s definitely been an eye opening year for me, I learnt a lot of things about myself both mentally and very physically. I’ve made more friends and lost a few friends, I’ve been in trouble for simply to help a friend which I do not think I want to partake in a second time haha, once is good enough for me. Thank you.

Seeing as it is my last christmas as a 19-year-old. I wanted to make it special! I’ve been piling up outfits to post as part of the count down to christmas and the very first post will be up today! It will be a mixture of things, hopefully all relating to christmas, colours, seasons, & favourite costumes!


I will also be hosting a CONTEST! My second contest for my blog! Which I hope people will participate in for the fun of christmas and it is all IMVU related.

The contest is a GROUP PHOTO CONTEST! Your job is to put together an amazing family photo or friendship photo, of you all having fun or family dinner or whatever you fancy that you think will get you to win.

 In addition to that you must send at least a paragraph of what christmas season means to you, what you love about this holiday of yours, & what your new year resolutions are!

 Now it does not have to be a Christmas themed, as long as its a cool event that takes place in DECEMBER like Hanukkah, Kwanza, something christmas-like. 


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 ❄ pRizes

The two winning photos receive  10,000 credit_by_lmfirmity-d936ell

There will other prizes for the participants as well!  

All images will be put on my blog along with your reason to celebrate christmas and your new year resolutions! 


Just because there are grand prize winners doesn’t mean everyone cannot win something. In the spirit of the christmas holidays please send in your photos with your friends and family and it will all be posted on the blog. Be sure to include the paragraph of what you love about your christmas holiday and what makes it special for you!


Must be a group photo of some kind!

Must include the paragraph!

Must be holiday themed & general audience appropriate

Must send the submissions to Saje by INBOX on IMVU

Must have fun!

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Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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