Hey beautiful readers! “How you doin’?! I know it’s been a long time. I know it’s my fault. However my reality comes first, so when I tackle all that, I will be back fully… until reality happens again. haha. 

Anyway I’ve been thinking of what to post for outfits and then I saw her catalog and I fell in love! I haven’t done an interview with this lovely lady but I would love to in the near future! Now let me tell you more about why I’m talking about this special person!

She creates jewelry and clothing, but I want to focus on her jewelry because Oh my GAWD it’s amazing! I tried on several of her jewelries but my favourite color so far is the blue colors, it is just beautiful, feminine, and all round gorgeous! I put together this outfit to go with it!


oil3 copy

Most of her items are basically 750credit_by_lmfirmity-d936ell and below… at least for the ones I have seen but most of them are 590 and below, which is great! The full sets seem to be in the 700credit_by_lmfirmity-d936ell while derivable ones are under 500credit_by_lmfirmity-d936ell.  The white one below is a full set! These jewelries are so amazing. If you are to make an outfit, the jewelry is not the kind of jewelry that you just put in to fill up space on you’re bare skin, no. heck no. It’s the kind of jewelry that demands its own special attention, hence the solid plain colors you see being used in each outfit. These kind of jewelries will not fight for attention love, it must be given because it’s been earned and if you make it fight for attention with other weird prints or textures then you have disappointed me. 


ooil2 copy

What I really love is that most of them are derivable but they don’t look like those plain and odd looking ones you would most likely find on IMVU, no. They look gorgeous! In fact the blue jewelry above and the coral -brown one below is all derivable! It doesn’t look anything like a derivable does it? I know! Plus the prices are really inexpensive, which is one of the reason I love her catalog because you know I’m all about that budget! 


ooli1 copy

It is clear that I have fallen head over heels for her jewelry, and I’m not much of a jewelry person, this we all know, but because of this lady, I think I’m going to slowly join the club… emphasis on slowly. 

NOTE: Make sure you try it on with the outfit you want to match it to BEFORE purchasing it! Also if you were make-up layers like myself, make sure the jewelry does not immediately go off the outfit once you have your make-up added on. That happens for me with a particular creators make up for my avatar. So try finding others that will stay on the avatar. 




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