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Good morning! As I promised, I would discuss how to over come such people. I know most people may have a clue or two as to how to overcome such negativity especially when it is in your face like that.


First of you do not have to listen to the negativity. So make sure from the get-go people know that you are all about that positive energy because “Nellys” A.K.A Negative people, can be harmful to your life and affect your overall attitude. If you have a friend that you think is a negative person, I say to first ask them why they’re being so negative… if that doesn’t work simply back out! Don’t hesitate, don’t waste your precious time, just back out of that friendship.  You can’t control the negative behaviour, but you can surely control whether or not you engage.

2. Avoid complainers/WHINERS.

I know people complain… it’s normal. However when someone complains about every single thing… even if it is to get water for someone else, stay away. That person will never help you move forward in life. It’s just that simple. Complainers never, ever offer solutions, they simply overemphasize the problem, making things worse. They will knock your ideas and suck you into their emotional pity party. If you know someone like this, stop socializing, only interact with him or her if you have to.  3. Weed out negative employees.

3. Choose your battles.

Don’t engage every time someone irritates you. People will think you love to fight and you are welcoming such a toxic thing in your life.  Instead of arguing or fighting evert Tom, Dick & Harry, simply ignore and move on with your life. Keep your emotions in check and don’t let your emotions take absolute control of everything you do, especially if you cannot control your tongue or your anger. You know how the saying goes “if you can’t say anything good, then don’t say anything at all!” Walk away from unnecessary conflict. You’ll be respected for taking the high road.


Most times the answer or solution to a problem is the simplest and most straightforward one, yet we as humans never agree that a situation can be very easy to solve. We have to always think it is complex, when really it can be as easy as reciting the alphabet at the age of 19. You will waste valuable time and energy if you try to make sense of these type of people’s actions. Do not get emotionally attached in an issue such as this… give your two cents and back out.  

5. friends, family, & loved ones.

A support system can also be very beneficial in creating a positive atmosphere! Having a few of these friends or family members on speed dial or text especially if you feel like you are about o blow, can be very helpful in calming you down and making sure you choose your battles wisely. Have the emotional intelligence to recognize when you need help. Oftentimes an objective person can provide you with a different perspective or a new approach.

6. positive EMBODIMENT.

Your happiness and wellbeing is more important to you than it is to anyone else, so why let someone taint that? Remain positive and begin to limit your time with the negative individuals in your life. With any luck, you will be so positive that the negative nelly’s will find you repulsive, which is exactly what you need! 




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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