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Good morning beau’s and belles of the world! Today I want to discuss a Born To Be Real topic on negativity and in my next post on a BTBR segment I’ll discuss how to overcome or deal with such “Negative Nelly’s”

Recently I encountered a situation in a group of a particular person who was, in my opinion, being a cyberbully and it went on for a little while until it was ultimately squashed by the owner of the group (I just do not  understand why it took so long for the group owner to shut it down).

This girl, I’m calling her, Nelly because it suits the topic, just went off on everyone, at first she came to make a point but she did it the wrong way, which I had pointed out to her but she was not listening to anyone, she got into “verbal” arguments with people on the group and to top it off, the thread was closed… you would think that was the end of it right? WRONG!

She decides to post in the other threads and thankfully they got deleted, I guess she got booted out of the group but then she comes into another group which I and the owner are in, and she decides to lay out all her insults there. This girl has no chill and clearly she has ample amount of time to be going back and forth on this issue. I actually applaud all the time she has, she’s a lucky soul, but honestly… she is not using that time wisely. Anyway, it was blatantly immature of her to go about finding several ways to harm people.

Even I tried to diffuse it and she came after me. I asked her if this brought her joy but she said no, it brought her satisfaction.

There are just people in this world who are Negative Nelly’s for no reason…. I can never understand it. I don’t know if it is the need to social acceptance, or issues in reality or whatever, but all in all, cyberbullying is wrong and if someone is being cyberbullied or talked down on in anyway shape or form, I am going to stick up for the victim and if neither of them are handling it right, I will shut it down.

I don’t want to go into too much detail if not this will be longer than anticipated, so on the next BTBR, I will be posting the HOW-TO portion of this segment! This is my own personal opinion and I’m speaking for myself.

Have you ever had an encounter with cyberbullying?

Share in the comment box!

I’d love to hear your story and how you dealt with the situation!




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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