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It’s been a while since a little BTBR post. My friends and I were chit chatting about sex and somehow we ended up on the topic of sexting. So, I thought I’d elaborate more on my opinion of sexting but more specifically sexting images.

Am I against sexting? Yes and No.

My reasoning is this, I’m for sexting when its not crazy and when I say crazy I mean literally almost perverse. I know it sounds a little wack, but it happens.

Sometimes guys ask a girl for nude pictures… not sometimes, actually most of the time in relationships, it comes up at least once. I used to be the girl who shut that shit down and fast. My reason was not because of any body conscious issues because believe me I have those issues but I still love my body regardless. My reason was really because I was too lazy to try and look sexy after I’ve ripped off my bra and wore my jammies and I’m hella ready for bed only to be asked to send a nude shot.  Yea… no.


Most guys like to see full body shots but if you’re like me and you have a rough day working 12 hour shifts, then simply do a close-up boob shot but not too close but close enough that you think your boobs could turn you on haha.

Another solution, is to wear lingerie! I am a firm believer in looking sexy for myself and not another person but in this case, lingerie can make things exciting for your partner, its not all the time that every part of your body must be shown. Sometimes its the little things that matter most, its enough to get your partner aroused. 

Other things you can do is to send a simple message that could be a little mysterious and intriguing. The thing with sexting is that both people partaking in it have to be in the mood if not one of you will be completely turned off by the other, making that situation really awkward, especially when you meet again in person.

Sexting can sometimes seem corny, it really can, but that’s basically it. Here are some examples,

“Lying in bed and bored. Wish you were here to play Simon Says with me ;)”

“I will see you in a while. I have got a sexy surprise for you.”

Some can take it a little over the top:

“I think your lips are really sensuous. I am talking about the ones I can see, you still have to show me the other one.”

So its up to you and your preferences.

My opinion on sexting always depends on one thing, if I am in the mood or not. 




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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