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I had a chat with Thit (23 years young), and yes her name is Thit, it is not just a username. We had more of  talk than an interview session and I really enjoyed it! It’s one of those instant connections at first sight. I learnt a few things about her and from what she tells me, she seems like a friendly, honest and kind hearted homo sapien! The reason I wanted to interview her was because of her skins they are great! I have been searching for skins that i am absolutely comfortable with, before it was TGM (TheGangstaMuffin) and then it was Henna (but then she quit making the skins I like.) and now it’s Thit! Let’s get to know her better!


I’ve been looking for new skins to fit my head but it is almost impossible until I found your catalog! I mean other skins fit but they don’t have variety like a tan skin tone or a dark one and I usually fluctuate between those skin tones

Yeah I’ve noticed that in a lot of catalogs to be honest, and I wanted to sort of fill the gap there was with the different skin tones so I make a variety. This is also one of the reasons I do so many customs. I really want people to be able to come to someone and get just what they want and be happy with what they wear instead of settling. I just launched an Asian line as well to fill the gap there.


Do you make customs for people? 

Those one are actually specifically made for one of my closest friends. I changed the facial structure for her customs specifically. Yesterday I launched a separate line there will be individual regular sets of. Also my customs are affordable. I didn’t want it to be too expensive with IMVU’s insane rates.


Your skin template does look similar to the ones I have… 

Well yeah, I can tell you wear the henna skin right? She made an exception for me and i bought it from her. I may have been a bit persistent but she wasn’t using it anymore and she doesn’t consistently do customs. Her only condition was that i make it my own, so I did. And I personally love it like this and it seems a lot of other people do too my Asian lines are original though with the exception of body and nose tip. Yeah Henna is great developer. I’m so picky with skins though, which is why I really wanted this one. Its the one I used to get from her but she never had much variation in makeup so I’m doing that as well now


What’s the hardest part of creating for you?

Noses are my kryptonite like for real it makes me so sad, I don’t know why, but there is something about the way the pixels need to sit to make the nose work properly that just boggles my mind. Everything else I can do. And, I’m so glad you like them. It makes me so happy to see people like what I do even though my skin base isn’t 100% original


Originality is overrated Hun! Creativity is where it’s! You took her piece and created something different. Is it hard to create the skins?

The facial structure for the YUI skins was difficult because of the way it elongates the face on the head it was made for. I always make the makeup for customs and such on the person’s specific head as the texture will sit differently on different heads for example my skin works wonderfully on HD heads, but less so on the older heads and non-HD. HD heads make the texture fit properly where the older heads squish it in different places making it look quite angular


So for your new skins that you will be making are they going to be collections or just updates on the current collections you have now?

I will be making collections and eventually bigger collections with full outfits and everything, right now though I’m just trying to keep up with momentum as I’ve been on the first pages for a bit and I’m just trying to keep people interested for now. In a few weeks I hope to be branching out and doing more than just skins like I used to.

Will your new skins come with some more POP of color like the ones you make for your customs?

Yes, definitely! I love doing colors on skins and from here on out there will be more variety in the types of skins ill be putting out. I know I’ve done a lot of brown and dark golden-ish colors up until now I thought it was time for a bit of color. At first I was just trying to set up a base really ground to build on I have just created a thread in my group where people can make suggestions for what they like to see, so I’m hoping to get some ideas from that and the suggestions ill be using I will then gift to the person who suggests it. i really think it’ll bring more life into the catalog and meet a wider range of people’s interests and desires for skins to wear.


Yas! I love that way of thinking! It’s such a relief that people like you exist in the catalogs.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned doing customs is that everyone has different preferences, sometimes, vastly different than what you might expect. I’ve been a developer for years but I was slow at it for a few years despite having pro and then when IMVU made the choice to remove the resellers I was one of the developer who chose to hide my entire catalog consisting of 2500 products. Some of it will slowly be coming back, renewed and in better shape, but I’ve done skin customs for years and I’ve done some weird things.


Yeah I have quite an extensive catalog with clothing, accessories, hairs, skins, rooms and furniture etc. It took AGES!! I’m telling you, aw man. It took 2 straight up days of doing nothing but repeat clicking to hide

Well that’s punishment for hiding it all away haha, so you’re basically revamping your catalog now?

Yes, pretty much. I’ve improved my skills while I was away and I would really like to showcase what I can do now. Yes well it was a great decision to be honest. I’m so glad that I get to come back with a clean slate and start fresh.


Do you plan on hosting a come back event or party?

I do, next year I will be working on a developer group where I’m hoping to bring developers together for learning experiences and advertising, getting to know each other better in the community and I’m really hoping to make an environment there where we could all be friendly with each other and give each other tips and ideas, especially new developers as well, I really feel there needs to be more support between developers and less drama. It’s a project I will start work on very soon and it will launch in January. With that I will be having a fashion show with my creations up until that point as my proper comeback.

That’s great! I’d love to see that in action and I’m sure many people will too

This month though, my friend YUI and i will be hosting a Halloween event, IF we can get everything together in time that is, it was a last minute idea, but we did a Halloween zombie collection together and we’re currently working on a vampire one. Girly costume fun ones. We might be inviting a few developers to showcase some Halloween outfits, crown a best outfit and runner up to receive our collections and otherwise just hoping to have lots of fun 


You have so much in mind to bring forth into the IMVU Community, and that’s great, but do you think it would impact your real life in a way? If so how?

I’m on disability in reality, which means i have a lot of time on my hands to do this stuff. Its quite a long story so i wont bore you with why I’m on disability, but a lot of basic things like grocery shopping and doing house tasks and such can be a real struggle for me, so you can imagine even when i have a hard time doing these things due to the consequence otherwise being quite intense pain, I do not leave my apartment very much. Even public transportation is a nightmare, mostly busses. Even cars. Trains are more stabile and therefor better for me, but I never really have much occasion to use them. When i was younger my passion was horse riding, training and teaching riding and i used to play badminton as well, but when my health got worse i had to turn my outdoor interests into indoor ones. And so I met IMVU. It has been a great outlet for me creatively but also socially and to practice my English more. I’ve always been skilled at English, I got the equivalent of A+ on both my verbal and written English exams but the language has always been a passion for me as well. I live in Europe, in Denmark, which is tiny country, but I really don’t like my native language as I find it flat and boring, but English has so much personality so for me this is not so bad of a choice. I am also a gamer though, and I could honestly game all day long and be content haha.

Finished Skin Banner_1

To be honest, Thit and I had more of a conversation than an interview so it was a bit difficult to place this in a neat “interview” format that I usually have. I do love her catalog and I think its my life saver when it comes to skins, be rest assured that you will see many more updates to come on her new items!





One thought on “• S • THÏT

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words Saje! I had a great time during our little interview/conversation and i hope youll have me back sometime (:

    Clafication though; customs are available for everyone, not just friends :3

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