When I first came across the Serengeti line, I loved the very little I had seen, and I was waiting on more to come before I post on it here on Saje. I’m so happy I waited! Here are some outfit ensembles using some of the Serengeti line, NOTE: These come in 2-4 different colors/patterns I couldn’t do all of them because it would look weird, so I did the colours I loved the most and you can find a different color based on what Parakiss has in her catalogue! The available colours , in general, are red, teal, green and grey.


This teal color is just beautiful! I love the long pants, they look pleated on the side and its looks well fitted. The lace top, screams YAS in so many different languages to me! It’s intricate, sexy, sassy and overall gorgeous. This outfit was done using the RL size. 


This is sort of a playful casual outfit, although the shoe is not part of the Serengeti line, so don’t go looking for the shoe in her catalog, you will be disappointed. These shorts seems to be trending in the catalog, I’ve seen some made by Psicodelic in denim colours though. These bottoms come in red, green, teal and grey I believe.


Although all these are part of the Serengeti line, my favourites in this is the skirt and the shoes, the skirt seems like an alligator print, it comes in this beige/nude/brown looking pattern and in a black/darker brown/ more glossy looking pattern as well, the tights also come with the skirt so no worries there, it’s inexpensive two in one purchase, and you know I like to budget my credits!

Now these high boots! LAWD HELP ME! Do not let the front of these boots fool you, it’s not your average plain jane boots, NO! The back of the boots is where the party is at, just like the skirt it has the alligator prints to match and the best part is that it comes in black with the alligator prints at the back of it too!


Again, the shoes seen here is not part of the Serengeti line, I needed something to balance out the dress. Obviously the dress is the focal point here. It’s beautiful! I want to assume its another alligator print but man I’d be lying because I do not know what kind of print this is but j’adore! This is something I’d wear on a night out to an elegant cocktail party.


For those stay in moments… with heels if you’re like me, YOU’D ROCK THIS. I feel comfortable every time I look at this outfit. The leggings look thick and stretchy and nice! It comes in all four primary colours that are used in Parakiss’ catalog. The top is so awesome because of the brown elbow patch, I love this! It’s kind of vintage. Also, the shoes are a part of the Serengeti line.


And for that business fashionista look, this is what you want to be seen in… well, if you’re like me that is. I love the off the shoulder top, these tops are quiet different they come in different shades but also different patters, so you have double the variety in three tops… I think it’s three… Anyway the skirt is lovely it looks smooth and also pleated, I think that’s something Parakiss was going for in her long flare pants and skirts collection, and it worked. The shoes is also part of the Serengeti line.

Who’s new collection or line will be looked at next? You decide by sending me an inbox on what line you’d like to see on Saje. 

P.S sorry this took so long I was waiting for something I thought would happen by now but it didn’t so I’m going ahead with the post. 

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