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Meet Tita also known as Upset. She is a 26 years young  woman from Panama and she started creating five years ago because her friend who was a creator aided her in creating, and taught her the basic things on IMVU. She creates clothing but mostly rooms, I love her rooms and future items so I decided to interview her about it!  name is Tita I’m from Panama and  I’m 26 years old

What do you love about creating?

well I wanted to study interior design but never did so I guess creating give me that freedom to express my creativity and I really love that

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Do you prefer creating furniture to clothing?

 Well i personally feel I’m way better with furnitures and rooms even tho i still create clothes but its more like when i cant find anything i like in shop and i made something for myself then.

Who taught you how to create?

 I had a friend who teach me the basic stuff but I’m a really bad student lol so what helps me the most was watch a lot of tutorials

Was it difficult for you at first?

yes it was horrible lol

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How long does it take for you to create a product?

it depends on my mood it can take me 10 mins or a whole day! haha!

Who are your favourite creators?

Room wise? hands down psicodelic and jaydub also my girl typical!

What advice do you have to other new upcoming creators?

my advice would be to create whatever they want find their style try to be different and pay attention to the details thats what i look for as a customer

So check out Upset’s Catalog!




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