Meet RozeRuin, she is a 28 years young woman who has  a passion for travelling, designing, art and being creative since she was able to think for herself. She  loves to write, read, do graphic art, paint, draw, shop. Roze went to art college where her major was computer graphic design and her minor was photography. She has worked heavily in those areas since she graduated. Roze likes to develop here on imvu because its where she can play with fashion and use her graphic design skills. Also she has  been creating for almost 6 years. 
Before you started creating were you invested in other things on IMVU?
No, not really. I joined IMVU to create. A family member of mine in real life thought I would be good at it and she helped me start up an account and get started.
 Cool so you are on IMVU solely to create?
Yes, that is mostly I do what here. I have made a few friends along the way of course and I will explore a room here or there. However my main goal is to create.
Have you done any fashion shows in the past?
 I haven’t taken part in any fashion shows here on IMVU! The topic has been brought up a few times but I haven’t had the time in my real life to invest in one yet. I am interested and may or may not give it a try in the near future.
So what is your target audience for your catalog?
 I honestly don’t know! haha! I like to create things I would wear mostly, things I enjoy and stuff that makes me happy. I suppose I target those with similar tastes as my own.
What’s your taste in fashion like?
 It changes often. I like to change my look and style quite frequently. That’s the good thing about style, tastes or fashion it’s ever changing. I feel like I have a little bit of everything going on in my catalog.
Who are your favourite creators on IMVU?
 I have not done shopping on here in so long! But I really love the avatars made by ‘Ya’ also the ones by ‘Brine” they are so well done. I use most in my instagram promoting. I also have to shout out to my bf (real life bf as well) Ruinz. He makes males items. I have a good friend Daustein but he hasnt been online in a while, he also makes wonderful male items. As for female items I really like THC a lot. I have shopped in her catalog on and off for years.
What’s your favourite part of creating?
 My favourite part of creating would be having the end result and being able to wear an outfit. Or seeing others with my items on, that part is pretty amazing actually.
 And what part don’t you like?
I really do enjoy it, that’s why i spend my free time doing it. i can’t really think of anything about it I don’t like. I suppose it can take up a lot of my time in real life, when i should be doing other things… haha But even still, it’s fun so i really like to be here creating. Actually,  I don’t like that all my fave meshers have been disabled! that is one thing i didn’t like!
So do you have any advice to any one who wants to create or those who are still in the new stages of creating?
I think the best thing is to just go slow and keep practicing. its really for yourself. So just make items that you would wear, that way if it sell right away or you are not yet known it’s okay because at least you have something you love and worked on for yourself.
Well that’s all loves! Be sure to check out her catalog! She’s pretty talented in her craft!

Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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