I had a sit down with Chaco or Gamo, but most people know him as Farragamo! He is a 24 years young IMVU designer and yes, he is fabulous ladies. His brand is known as Fig. 18, he chose this because he believes that women that used to be 18 years young, loved being 18 years young, so why not build a brand around it.


Gamo has been designing for five years on different accounts and he considers himself to be a pro level designer. When I asked him what he found difficult about desigining on IMVU, he said “finding out the trends…” which I do agree with him on, but he also says that Fig. 18 itself is a trend-starter and if you aren’t with Fig 18, according to Gamo, “you don’t exist.” Game supports all designers who put the effort into their craft hence why he does not have a favourite designer.


He does have an award show coming up on September 26th 2015 at 8PM Eastern Time. I am going to be there and I will bring back lovely photos and hopefully speak to a few people as the show goes on. I personally love Gamo’s designs, they’re fresh, hip, modern and authentic. He’s definitely going on The Saje List (TSL)!




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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