Hi everyone, so since I’ve changed my username it’s only right that I change the title to my interview sessions. “A cup of Jeau” was very catchy, but now I have to get used to “Parley With Saje”. Moving on…

I had an interview with DezzBanks, also known as Andreza, she is a 19 year old female who is currently in college studying graphic design, so being an IMVU creator seems to help a lot in that department, I’m guessing.  I love her catalog because it’s very urban and has a lot of street styling components. I think anyone who loves that ready-to-wear high end fashion like I do, will have an appreciation for her collection! Oh that rhymed! Anyway let’s get to it.

S: Why did you join IMVU?
D: by chance, I ended up liking the idea of the game and stayed at IMVU
S: Cool, so before you started creating what were you more focused on in the IMVU community?
D: in my friends, I had good friends
S: had? I hope you still have them, haha.
D: haha do not worry, I have great friends but before creating were others who are no longer in IMVU
S: Oh I see, well, why did you start creating?
D: just for like, since created things in the sims so liked
S: Ohh, so Sims is the game you used to place before IMVU?
DezzBanks: yes
S: cool, Do you still play?
D: sometimes, but far less
S: Ahh, so what is your favourite part about creating?
D: when I see people wearing in pictures, it makes me very happy
S: Awesome! Do you make the textures and prints yourself?
D: Yes, but basically one thing or another comes from google (Holy Google), but most’m the same
S: Cool, and what’s your inspiration for your catalog?
D: depends on the day, I do not see myself as glamorous, like most urban things, things more crazy lol
S: What woud you call the looks you make if you can sum it up three words?
D: it is difficult: myself, urban and courageous because what I created, it reflects how I’m feeling on
S: I love that! Who are five of your favorite creators on IMVU?
D: Maertice, Fine, Psicodelic, Kelie, Trini
S: Have you ever had a fashion show on IMVU?
D: not yet
S: Will you ever have one?
D: I would like, I need to organize myself better for it
S: True, it can be a lot of work. Lastly, what advice do you have for upcoming creators?
D: Do not give up, and be faithful to your own style
I love that advice she gave! Be faithful to your own style. That’s all there is everyone! I hope you enjoyed the outfits, my favourite is the holographic outfit. I freaking love it! There is so much more in Andreza (DezzBanks) catalog, please feel free to look through it and sort out some outfits of your own! I know I will!
Take care!

Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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