What do you value in life? Do you have a clue? Do you know what’s the most meaningful in your life right now? Sometimes its very easy to live off a To-Do list and from that, its a lot easier to lose perspective of what’s most important to you and want can wait a little longer. Take hospitals for example, they use Triage, to assign the degrees of urgency between all patients that come in, so basically, to be able to differentiate once who need immediate attention, like someone who is loosing a profuse amount of blood, to someone who has  a scratch on their elbow. That’s an example of how life should be. We should use what we value as a compass to help navigate our lives and keep us moving forward


What are your top ten core values and principals?

What have you been telling yourself you will do but never really do it? 

Answer these questions honestly, and you’ll find the answer to what’s important and valuable to you. Think about all the qualities and attributes you think give you the best life you can live, these are values that you use to define who you are. For example, honesty, integrity, playful, trustworthy, respectful, truthful, creative mind, etc. By knowing what you value, you apply some mathematics to your life, by adding what you need and value an subtracting what makes your life more life a chore or a To-Do list.


So ask yourself what you value and what is important you. I think it will help you understand yourself better and in a deeper level. I usually try meditating, no, I do not sit down and chant “ohm” all day long, no. I just go to my room and lay down quietly and reflect on my day from time to time, I know it’s hard to do it everyday especially when life gets very busy and confusing, but I try my best to do it at least two to three times a week until I get better.

When you have a clearer picture of your day or your life, ask yourself if there is anything you want to change in order to have the things you value be at the top of your life rather than scattered everywhere. So my challenge for you, is to figure out what you value most, trust me, I’m still figuring it out, every week or two weeks I cancel something off my top ten core list and put something else there haha.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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