This is another Budget Belles! As I said before there’s more to come, but for now, let’s check out how these two lovely models decided to rock this pair of Harem Plaid dress pants by Nobody.  There are many other ways that you can create a look to fit the harem plaid pants if you so desire. The items used in this outfit all together for each outfit is under five thousand credits, which is affordable for all.

Lydiann16 says,

“I wanted to find a way to dress the pants up, because their design makes them the center of attention.I decided to use white so the rest of the clothing wouldn’t take attention away from the pants.”

These are the items she used:

Total Cost: 3,814

Earring Top Shoes Glasses Purse Pants 

MajesticSmile says,

“So I switched this up a little from my previous look, I decided to go more classy but simple and still have that edgy vibe to it, I still totally see this on the streets of London and New York, I absolutely love these pants the style is really cool in my opinion so I wanted to bring out that inner stylish, young and fun look these pants have even though they are mature in appearance. Now I see how good the gold looks I just needed to find the right necklace :P, so yeah this is a classy, edgy, stylish and playful outfit with the harem pants.”

These are the items she used:

Total Cost: 3,597 

Hat Top Necklace Pants Purse Shoes

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