Hello everyone! I’ve been having some summer inspirations lately and some of them has to do with rocking full hair. I found some samples that could be helpful in exploring full hairstyles. To help express what I want to show, I used ginger hair colours made by Fine. I don’t have links for the hairs because sadly I forgot to save them but I hope these help you get inspired to create your hair looks. Here we go!

ginger1 This hairstyle has a very fun Coachella-ready feel to it. I liked it because its curled out into a wavy kind of texture, it fits any fun flared outfit with multiple colours like the top I have on in this picture. I also added some makeup to really bring out the hair as the centre piece. Now if you want to get hippie-like you can always add flowers on top your hair to create that hippy chic look.  ginger3 For a more serious hairstyle, we have this long wavy full set of hair. You can use this style with a business pant suit or skirt, and also dress. Since the hair is the centre piece, keeping the outfit in the down-low helps a lot to showcase the hairstyle in its full volume. You can use simple or basic solid colours that work with the hair color. For a more crisp look that will work with all basic hair colours, you can always wear crisp white suit of any kind with nude pumps, now that will scream FIERCE! ginger2   Next we have a playful combo, this can be used for that summer picnic-chic look. I love different kind of braids that can be added to hair, i think it adds more drama, in a good way of course. Again since the braid is placed on the front of the head followed by a nice necklace, the need for earrings is pretty minimal. If you feel the need you can add a stud. Plus you could move the braid over the the side, this is what it would look like…. ginger4   This is a good example of a side braid, well its more of a ponytail braid, but you get the idea. This is definitely more on the playful side along with the other braid. this type of hairstyle could be worn to work in a business casual outfit, perhaps a loose fitting top and a slim fitted pencil skirt. To use it in a playful manner, you can rock a nice pair of medium shaded boyfriend denims or a light pair, then a slim fitting top, preferably a darker color, like dark pink or rouge with black heels or if you’re going for a more comfortable look try sneakers (toms).

Well that’s all loves, until next time!



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