Oh my lord! So yesterday, something crazy happened online. I was doing my own thing, going through shop finding outfits, loving fashion and all that. Then some girl, her username is Veleur, she invited me. I go into he chat and she seems normal, no noble qualities. Then she asks me to vote for her “IMVU OUTFIT CHALLENGE”. She also said she would give me a gift if I voted for her. I said I did not want her gift but I would vote for her outfit if it was worth voting for (After all if she sent me a gift, it would be more of a bribe, that wouldn’t feel right you know?).

Then I clicked the link, all innocent like, this link opened up the IMVU main page and I had to log in, I put in my username and password like a gullible fool and then it took me to this weird place! Immediately I knew I was about to get hacked. I immediately changed my password and lied to Veleur that I couldn’t get vote, just so I can buy some time. Anyway, this seems to be the new way of hacking. This is ridiculous! Please everyone be mindful and cautious! Don’t fall under that trick like I almost did.

Tip: Be sure to change your password randomly within the month. I know it can be a bit redundant, but trust me, it’s a life saver!

Also be sure to cover all your basis and if something seems too good to be true, please I urge you not to fall for it! Just leave the chat, block the person or report the person and move on with your life. Save your account.




One thought on “BE MINDFUL!

  1. I wrote a comment before but i dont think it went through. But this happen to me as well! Remember when i said i have got hacked? Well this is what happen but by some dude name loses. i thought hey he is into fashion i am into fashion…didnt think nothing of it tbh. LOL. But account back and well and thank god yours is as well.

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