I am back! It’s been a long ride and I am truly thankful to God that exams are OVER! During my two weeks (ish) of being gone, some weird stuff happened to me, but I think one of the weirdest and probably most annoying was at my college. This is how the story goes!

I was at school and I had food, this food had fish in it, amazing, delicious fish. Anyway, I brought the food into the computer room, because there was no sign saying “no food allowed.” and because I’ve done it before with my friends. Then this girl comes into the computer lab, I’m going to call her “Fishy.” Fishy sat at a computer at the very from of the computer room and I was at the back, the aroma of my fish food was in the room at this point and she had been there for 20 minutes. TWENTY! Then she goes “Who has fish?” Then my friend says me, then Fishy nods and remain in the room for another EIGHT minutes at least, then she gets up and insults my teacher calling her a “Jinx” why? I do not know, and then she leaves.

How rude?!


For the next five minutes, I was worried because my friends, my teacher and I figured she was allergic, my friends were trying to console me, saying it was not my fault. Next thing we see is an ambulance! They came up to the third floor with a gurney, and the girl was complaining to the staff in the lounge. I thought I was going to be suspended or expelled (my mind goes too far sometimes). Anyway the paramedics were pissed because it wasn’t that big of an emergency since she did not have any allergic reaction what so ever.

But here is why I was pissed, she stayed in the room for about 30 minutes not saying anything why? If you know you are allergic you will smell fish right away! Another reason why I am pissed is because she is allergic, if it was that severe that Fishy needed to call the paramedics, then she should have an Epi-pen! Where is her Epi-Pen?!

Anyway, I wanted to vent. That is all.

If you have experienced something like this, let me know! Leave a comment below.



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