You have no idea how joyful, I was when we entered the spring season! I stomped on my winter jacket, gloves, and hat. I didn’t stomp on my boots because I will need it for next year. Obviously I hung up my winter jacket and put away my gloves and hat respectfully… in the very back of my closet. Anyway, in this Spring spirit, I would love to see a modern retro trend come back this spring, here are some examples from Aucalio, AlizeRossi, and Ajak (I just realized it’s all A-models. Haha) They took on this challenge and I love their take on it!


Fur Coat Bottom Shoes Top

Aucalio’s outfit covers the pastel side of spring as well as the spring retro funk theme!

I think the shorts really shows that! Loving it!


Shoe Shorts Top  Jacket

The abstract print jacket and the floral shorts go together,

I would never think of that mix but when I saw it I thought it was pretty risky yet brilliant.


Blazer Top Skirt Shoes

Ajax really captured that working class chic look!

The outfit is mainly solid colors and minimal prints which is the main reason why I love it.

I hope these looks can help influence your own creations! Get funky!


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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