I got to sit and chat with Parakiss, also known as Nikki! She’s just a darling! Anyway I will not hesitate to move forward with this interview process. As you read, some models will showcase some outfits created by yours truly (Parakiss).


Tell me about yourself, your name, age, location, things you like, dislike and when you started IMVU you can add extras.

“Parakiss: My name is Nikki. I’m old haha, and I live in Connecticut, my likes include romance books, dance, listen to music, and watching anime! My dislikes include probably country music but I like most kinds of music. I started IMVU in 2011 because I was bored. That’s kind of the main reason.”

Awesome, so how long did it take for you to start creating on IMVU?

“Parakiss: I think I started a few months after i started but I did little things here and there then furniture and rooms. I started clothes really trying about a year ago.”

What was your inspiration? As in why did you switch from rooms and furniture to clothing? And what was your inspiration for both?

“Parakiss: I’m a very creative person in general so for furniture and rooms I didn’t really have an inspiration. It was more like playing around with things and seeing what would sell. As for clothes still I am not sure haha. I went to school in real life for fashion design so it’s easy for me to think things up on my own, but I do look at real life fashion and current trends and go from there.”

Para1 copy

Jacket | Scarf | Shoe

Oh that’s amazing! Who would you say are your favorite designers in reality? And on IMVU?

“Parakiss: Real life I would say Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang because I wanted to be a Bridal and Formal dress designer funny because I don’t really design formal dresses on here. My favorite IMVU designers Iish, Brilliant, Pierce, Psiocodelic, MissC”

What type of fashion sense do you have?

“Parakiss: My fashion sense is very eclectic meaning I can be in jeans and a hoody one day to super dressy the next day. I mostly dress to my mood or whatever cute shoes or accessories I find and I build around that. I think I just love fashion.”

That’s basically me. So, what are your reasons for loving fashion?

“Parakiss: I always have all my life. I used to draw and sew when I was about 8 years old. I had Barbies of coarse so I guess that sparked the interest. As an adult I think I would say I love fashion because I love how clothes can make you feel.”

para2 copy

Top | Blazer | Bottom | Shoes

Have you ever thought about hosting a fashion show?

“Parakiss: Yes I thought of doing a show but it’s a lot of work and I would want to take the time to plan it all out well so everything comes together.”

Other than being an awesome creator on IMVU what else do you take part in?

“Parakiss: Well I am a model for LVBEL, so I do model occasionally. I was a big model a while ago but now that I create I don’t really have time for modeling because creating takes a lot of time. I mean making jeans, I would say, takes a lot of time because it requires a lot of detail but some people would say dresses. With dresses, it all depends on how creative it is. I think the hardest part is making sure the maps line up right.”

Lastly what advice can you give to creators on IMVU or upcoming creators?

“Parakiss: All I can say is keep trying and don’t give up, because when you’re starting out its very hard but practice makes perfect.

para3 copy

Shoes | Shirt | Skirt

That’s all from Nikki (ParaKiss) check out her catalog she’s got amazing items. Like seriously!


Ciao Bello!

(Edits done by Jeau.)



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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