The right jacket solves nearly all wardrobe malfunctions and obviously hides those little clothing errors that you just did not have enough time to fix (trust me, been there done that, more than five times) and more often than not makes a lovely outfit. There are obviously so many jackets or coats out on IMVU, here are a few some of I.A.J models used to showcase some seriously chic looks!

aucal copy


Jaylon (Aucalio) rocked this jacket made by Nubian. This nude and black leather looking jacket can be edgy as well as chic. Which is what Jaylon shows in this outfit. The Jacket is the stand out piece with the asymmetrical zipper, quarter length sleeves, and popped up collar. For some reason I’m reminded of Michael Jackson’s thriller jacket, except it’s not red.



Now as a winter coat, I love this presentation by Che (Ajak). I belive you can’t go wrong with a black winter jacket, which is true as proven by Ajak. A winter jacket can be a throw on piece to finalize an outfit. Sometimes it can be worn to all events, except if you’re outside. I like this jacket because of its realistic texture, lately it’s a little easier to find something with good texture but sometimes it can be difficult. When I look at the photo, I feel warm and cozy almost like I’m wearing the jacket. Very strange feeling.

JEAU copy


Lastly, brown coat, modelled by Melanie (Jeau). This is a popular fashion forward jacket, in my opinion it is definitely not going to run out of style, it’s seen through out the winter time and leading into the early spring. These jackets can come in several colours and is found all over the IMVU shopping catalog.


Have any other awesome jackets you can think of ? More GET JACKED! coming at a later time!



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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