A Cup of Jeau ft. Eves


Meet Eve, also known as Eves on IMVU, she lives in Mexico and has been a member of the IMVU community for over three years now! 

Why did you start creating?

“I started creating because I really liked the designs and wanted to make my own clothes.

Are you involved in fashion in reality? Or is this something you loved doing just on IMVU?

“I love doing this only in IMVU. I like Japanese fashion so I wanted to do something like that on IMVU.

Where in Japan do most of your fashion inspirations come from?

“Well, all of Japan really, but mainly Tokyo!”

That’s pretty awesome, living in Mexico but having such a wide sense of Japan couture. I actually thought you were from Japan. Are there any creators on IMVU you love? If so list 4?

“Of course, some of my favorites are Jaq , Dashing , Irrelevant, and Medicine.”

What is the most difficult part about creating?

“The UVM Maps for sure! It’s the mesh to make any kind of texture, I have to make it from scratch so it took me over an hour to make one because I make originals.”

So do you have any thoughts on creators who copy other people’s work?

“ I believe it’s wrong. I think they do it maybe because they dislike their own designs, but a creator starts from scratch to make their products most of the time. I think if they practice they wouldn’t steal other people’s work.”

I definitely agree with you. Do you think you will have any fashion shows ro showcase your products?

“Maybe, I haven’t done a show before.”

What advice can you give to new upcoming creators?

“Never despair, practice is crucial in this!

I love that line!

If you love Eves designs as much as I do check out her catalog on IMVU! She’s amazing! Now for some pictures by two stunning models, Ajak and Aucalio! I couldn’t be more grateful for their help! Also the links to the products they used will be provided below!



Bottoms | Top | Shoes | Purse


Phone | Hair | Shirt | Pants

Arrivederci Bello!



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