A Cup of Jeau ft. Irrelevant!

You have no idea how long I’ve anticipated this moment! Anyway I’m glad it finally arrived! I was able to do an interview with Irrelevant a.k.a Carli! Her hobbies involve creating on IMVU, cooking, drawing and painting! Her reality consists of her working and doing what she can during her leisure time, such as IMVU and creating!

Now for some pictures! I would like to thank Shannazzz (Shannon) and SheIsFashion (Kat) for their help!



Glasses | Tank | Shorts | Heels | Eyebrow | Hair 


Top | Bottoms | Shoes | Fur | Necklace | Earrings

When did you start creating?

“I started creating back in 2013, or 2012 not sure. I played IMVU and loved going through the shop, and they didn’t have high-waisted shorts, so I created my own. That’s where it all began.”

What are somethings you dislike about creating?

“One thing I dislike about creating is that people can steal your products, and call it their creation.”

Do you plan on hosting any fashion shows or events in the near future?

“I do not host any fashion shows but it would be fun to do so.”

Who are you top favourite creators?

“Top creators would probably be sis3D, Scarling, Coochie, Gwen, and Cleo, who no longer make products unfortunately.”

Any thoughts on those who copy other people’s work on IMVU?

“I feel like creators should create what they want and are what is so amazing about IMVU because people can submit their form of artistic creativity with the IMVU community.”

What do you on IMVU mostly other than creating?

“My relationship consists of my talking to my supporters whenever they leave me messages.”

Do you have anything that inspires you fashion wise?

“My inspiration comes from things I love in fashion, and vintage clothing.”

What makes creating difficult?

“It is difficult to have everything very detailed especially being OCD with my work I always need it perfect but practice makes “perfect.”

Any advice to up and coming creators?

My advice for up and coming creators is always keeping creating and love what you do. If you love what you do it will show and others will love it too. Be consistent and don’t be discouraged.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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