Hello sunshines! I didn’t know another kind word to use, nothing popped in my head at the time.

Anyway! Today has been quite busy, I did not expect this day to turn out the way it did at all but I did make some discoveries about yours truly. Lets begin…

I was doing some light editing as usual and my friend Divine asked for a Display Picture, clearly I did not make display pictures the way some AWESOME, and when I saw awesome I mean awesome, artist on IMVU. My stuff compared to them was below basic skill okay? However she wanted the edit and I did it for her, next thing I know three more people! I was really thankful to her for referring me to others.

Then later today I was with my moms and we were planning their wedding since they are newly engaged! Yay! Anyway my mom (Kantona) was panicking about finding a tux and I pretty much saved the day, no sweat, haha. Then I really got into it and started planning the location for the wedding, furniture, etc. Now here is the discovery; I realized if there was anything I was really good at it was organizing and decorating! These two things play such an important role in my life everyday and I don’t know why I finally realized it now!

My mom told me to be an event planner on IMVU ahaha! I don’t think so. I do, however, really want to see what I can do with this new found discovery of myself? I mean how far can I really take it?





So if you are like me and you just an awesome epiphany about yourself, I strongly urge you to chase it to be best of your ability because I am going to start mine, and obviously I’ll keep you all updated! Until then, that’s all On Jane!




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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